I had intended for this to be a New Year's greeting, but with Spring upon us with its promise of resurrection and rebirth, I feel it's an equally appropriate time for this message of renewal and rejuvenation to go out to you.

The past year has been a time of great change and upheaval for me, and I'm writing you now as a friend to key you in on some of these monumental changes.

As some of you may know, I have been working with my studio assistant, George Richardson, over the past couple of years to re-organize my studio, streamline my digital workflow, and document and photograph my work among many other projects here and there. I would like to thank George for his tremendous help in all this; it has allowed me to focus on my work and process in an entirely new way.

Together, we have also completely redone my artist website which has now gone live. Please take a moment to have a look. The domain name is still the same as before: www.randalllagrostudio.com. I am happy with the sleek outcome and design. It's a fitting new online home where you can now view recent work (sort of a "Blue Period" I admit) as well as many of my significant older paintings and monotypes. I’m excited to hear your feedback!

Secondly, after having the privilege and honor of working in the historic Joseph H. Sharp Studio just off the Taos plaza for fifteen years, I have been informed they have received a large donation of Sharp's work, personal objects, and artifacts and will be turning the studio into a museum as part of The Couse/Sharp Foundation. I would like to thank Ginny Couse Leavitt and Ernie, her husband, who passed in September. They graciously invited me to rent the studio fifteen years ago, and it has been a remarkable blessing and inspirational place to work and grow.

I feel this will be an exciting new chapter for both the Sharp Studio and myself. I am still in the process of relocating eleven miles north of town to my tranquil studio and living space in Arroyo Hondo. I bought the property ten years ago realizing this necessary transition would one day likely happen. From the moment I stepped on the land, I felt inspired, and I named the property "Wellspring". For years I have been doing my printmaking there, and now that George and I have moved my remaining supplies, equipment, and work from the Sharp Studio in town, Wellspring is more organized and resonating with a sense of tranquility and potential than ever before. I am excited and inspired by the new work that will be coming out of there!

I have found two wonderful tenants who are renting the house on the property. I will be living and working in the studio-space, a separate building, which I call "The Ark". It was built as a state-of-the-art recording studio, and when the

pring mesa winds erupt as they do, the studio remains unfazed like a large ship, quiet and serene on the inside. It's really quite something. I have attached a photo I snapped of the studio space to give you an idea. 

I can't say what exactly the future may hold for me at Wellspring, but I thank God for the guidance through this transition. Despite any uncertainty, I am excited about the future! It
is already feeling like a home and sanctuary to me.

I invite you to visit me here at my new studio. I hope visitors, friends, and family won’t mind driving a little further from Taos to the beautiful enchanting land by the Rio Grande. I'm looking forward to it.

Warm regards,

Randall LaGro



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