vision, expression, & innovation  in mixed media

August 7th - 11th  (5 days)  //  9:00am - 4:30pm daily (with 1-hour lunch break)   //  8 - person limit  //  $650 per person

The key emphasis of this workshop will be developing and celebrating each individual's artistic voice. We will experiment with a wide variety of mediums and materials including painting, collage, found object assemblage. Participants are invited to come to Randall's studio in Taos, New Mexico to work over the course of the week in a small, intimate group with the intent of discovering a new visual language within oneself. We will investigate traditional and modern artistic techniques as well as invite innovation to established practices. Above all, the workshop will be an atmosphere of fun, play, and experimentation through the transformation of materials and objects on hand. 

Participants are encouraged to bring personal objects, small materials of interest, or inanimate objects of sentimental value to rework, repurpose, and incorporate into personal works created over the course of the workshop (for example: old family photos, lace, textured papers & materials, old letters, jewelry, old drawings or paintings, or quasi discarded personal objects). Additionally, Randall encourages all participants to bring a liberal quantity of art supplies including gloves, aprons, paints, etc. Additional supplies may be available as needed.

intermediate & advanced contemporary painting

September 4th - 8th  (5 days)  //  9:00am - 4:30pm daily (with 1-hour lunch break)   //  6 - person limit  //  $650 per person

We will explore a wide range of aspects in painting with the intent to discover a more personal voice and mode of expression. We will evaluate your established practice, technique, motivations  and suggest new materials, painting strategies, themes, trajectories, and ideas to explore.  By the end of the week, we will expand your painting language and bring a new level of joy to your artistic journey by considering new ways of using substrates or under-paintings, mark-making, tools, content, philosophy, emotion, intuition, and formal painting questions (both traditional and modern) to create a fresh painting language. 

Participants are asked to email Randall five images of works in the week prior to the workshop as well as write a short statement of what one would like to achieve over the course of the week. 

Participants are required to bring their own oil paints as well as the boards, panels, and/or canvasses they wish to work with (16x20 or smaller). They are also strongly encouraged to bring any additional materials they customarily use and/or may be interested in working with. A limited amount of materials will be supplied for specific projects assigned by Randall.